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A british brand. a brutal norwegian heritage

Jöttnar was born in Arctic Norway and is the creation of two former Royal Marine commandos and lifelong mountaineers, climbers and skiers.

Ferocious beginnings

We are Tommy and Steve.  As commandos, we specialised in mountain and extreme cold weather warfare, often training in the high Arctic circle.  We were together in the Norwegian mountains during a fierce Arctic winter when inspiration took hold: the development of technical outdoor clothing that would protect against the raging brutality around us, whilst capturing the purity and elegance of the Scandinavian landscape. 

So we founded Jöttnar.


Clean lines, disciplined designs, craftsmanship, technology and attention to detail are our garments' hallmarks. We produce tightly focused ranges in limited volumes. This allows us to apply ourselves personally to the minute details. It also allows us to take care of our customers in the way that we ourselves would wish to be treated.

Total Mountain Focus

The mountains, particularly their upper realms with the most punishing of conditions, shape and drive every design, technology, and manufacturing decision we make.

Carve Your Own Legend

Since launching in 2013, clothing by Jöttnar has withstood the demands of the most exacting users in the most ferocious conditions.

Conquer Giants

In Norse myth Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, provided protection against the brutal mountain giants. Bearing Mjölnir as our logo, we offer modern day suits of mountain armour, designed to protect against your most formidable opponents.

Jöttnar provides the armoury to Conquer Giants.

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